Delving into the smorgasbord of modern culture: writing and researching primarily on fashion and lifestyle with the occasional smattering of art and science for good measure, Mischa’s work has been featured in Pop, Monolith, Geist and XXY, she also curates the fashion capsules for National Geographic-owned Retronaut.

Inspired by a recent foray into social media for cult brand Wavey Garms, Mischa has written about the nostalgia for the heady days of UK rave culture and organised events for a new UKG generation decked out in Versace two-pieces and Gucci loafers. In contrast, Mischa has also worked with luxury brands as part of the Harrods team at iHeart Studios, supporting photographers and stylists to ensure looks adhered to the house style of one London’s most exclusive stores. Mischa has also worked in PR and assisted the editorial team at Stylist and LFW The Daily.